Travel writer-photographer-videographer Lisa TE Sonne has experienced the remarkable on all seven continents and in many seas. She's written for airline, AAA, Time-Life and National Geographic media as well as for an Academy Award-winning film and Emmy-winning TV. Her current books are HAPPINESS HANDBOOK; Simple Ways to Change Your Life for the Better and a series of travel journal books: MY ADVENTURE'S : A TRAVELER'S JOURNAL, BIKE LONDON, and THE GREAT OUTDOORS.

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Sonne also turned an innnovative philanthropic concept into a reality when she co-founded Charity Checks.

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Adventure Traveller JournalLondon Bike Journal Adventure Traveller Journal
 Buddha Meditations  Wrinkle in Time Happiness Handbook

Sonne has shown her versatility as a book author through six very different titles and an introductory essay to a special edition of Madeleine L'Engel's classic, "A Wrinkle In Time."

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